Joseph McDonald
Telephone: 028 3833 1086

Joseph began practising in 1980 and was an assistant solicitor in Watson & Neill before entering into a partnership with Brian Walker in 1984 as Walker McDonald. Joseph has over 30 years experience and specialises in employment and industrial law, civil litigation, freedom of information and licensing with experience also in local government and criminal law.

On a day-to-day basis, Joseph provides advice to both employers and employees on disciplinary and grievance procedures. He is instructed by insurance companies in defence work and in particular defence work on behalf of local government clients. Joseph has provided advice and dealt with prosecutions on behalf of Craigavon Borough Council for the past 23 years and has dealt with various cases under the Food Safety Order, Litter Order, Pollution Control and Local Government Regulations and more.

Joseph’s career milestones include successfully defending one of the first age discrimination cases brought before the Industrial Tribunal.